General Contracting

Project Management • New Home Construction • Major Renovations

We offer General Contracting services to all of our clients to ensure a smooth working flow amongst various trades and contractors that may be working on your home. It’s important to have a foreman, or point person, in charge of running all of the contractors that are involved in a major home renovation project, so that the job gets done properly, on time and on budget.

Co-ordination of Trades

Your General Contractor is responsible to ensure that all of the trades are working in concert with one another to make sure that none of your valuable budget is wasted on idle time, and that all work can be done efficiently on an as-needed basis. Any major renovation project could include:

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Dry-Wallers

  • Painters

  • HVAC Technicians

Overseeing Budget and Timeline

As your General Contractor, we also make sure that your budget and timeline is on track. We arrange timely payment of trades people as required, and keep costs for time and material on track. We also monitor your timeline to make sure that your project does not exceed its projected end date, and that no cost overages are undertaken as a result of unexpected delays.

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